Holiday Season: Sharing Christmas Gifts from one side of the world to another


I’m curious to know - how do you celebrate Christmas on the other side of the world? Do you unwrap your Christmas Gifts together and talk about your gifts as a family?

How about getting The Wrapped Christmas Gift for your grandchildren this festive season? We create handmade fabric wall charts in our home. Here, we enhance the family value of coming together, respecting and honouring one another. We want to bond with our grandchildren and never replace the bonding of grandparents-grandchildren with media.

While your grandchildren help in the kitchen (or if you need the kids to give you some space to cook dinner!), you can have them play with the MASFE Vegetable and Fruit Wall Charts. They contain felt made vegetables and fruits. Your grandchildren can use the chart to learn the name of the fruits and vegetables and even discover new things like which fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw! In the box, there are more tips on how to use the Wall Charts to interact with your little ones according to their level.

You can purchase the charts here, we deliver worldwide and it is already wrap and ready to give as a gift!

We are featured by Parenthood Magazine, Malaysia


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