Lunar New Year Celebration – Celebrating family togetherness


One of the biggest celebration for Chinese is Lunar New Year. Malaysia is a multicultural country. We celebrate this festive season nationwide.

In our home we will use red or red tone of colour for decoration, such as Red Lantern, Paper Cuttings, Blooming flowers, Fu (blessings) Character. I personally like FU (blessings) character, paste it Upside Down-FU. Its means Blessings Pour-Out into our home.

Our traditional costume is cheong sam (female) and Tang Zhuan (male). We give gifts of money in Red Packet which we call “Ang Pao” means red packet. All color are in Red or gold. This color associate with goodness.

But what I like most and emphasize here is “reunion dinner”. We will have reunion dinner on New Year Eve. The families member coming together and this is why we called “reunion dinner”. We fellowship with one another and truly this is the moment of engagement and develop our relationship as a family. I hope this family value will not be diluted because of the passing on of the elderly in the home. Remember family that bond together, stay together!

This is how we celebrate our Chinese New Year in Malaysia! Share with your children our cultural in celebrating Chinese New Year! May you enjoy this session!

Wishing everyone who celebrate – Happy Lunar New Year to you from Malaysia!

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