Reading Learning Tips: MASFE Alphabets Chart


Learning Reading Tip_01

Here are some ideas on how you can use the Alphabets Chart for different stage of readers. First identify your child’s learning stage, then move according to their progress. Most importantly, have fun together!

  1. For very young children:
  • Use the softies to increase their vocabulary. Show each softie to them and name them to your child. Talk about how the objects look like, how they feel and what you can do with them. E.g. an apple is red, we can eat apples. Yummy!


  1. For early readers:
  • Show and read out the letter names to your child.
  • Sing a phonics song and use the fabric toys to accompany your song. E.g. A is for apple. Ah Ah Ah. This encourages early sound-letter recognition and also helps the child to associate letters to objects.

 Learning Reading_Emerging Reader

  1. For emerging readers
  • encourage them to match the softies to their respective phonic sounds or alphabets
  • Ask your child to match the alphabet to the phonics sound
  • Identify which are lower case and upper case alphabets
  • Talk about what other objects match the alphabets/phonic sounds on the chart


  1. For confident readers
  • Ask your child to spell out the names of the fabric toys. E.g. “how do you spell jug?”
  • Ask your child to identify the phonic sounds in the names of the fabric toys. E.g. “what are the sounds in the word ‘zip’?”
  • Get creative! Ask your child to create a story using the fabric toys and alphabets to expand on their imaginative play and creative thinking. This helps with their story-telling too!

I hope you continue to find joy with different ways in playing and learning with your child. We will be giving you some Games ideas in the next few blogs.


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