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***** What is in the box? *****

. One wall chart (printed small & capital letters) with Measurement: 60cm x 40cm
. Handmade 26 pcs of Beautiful felt and embroidery 2D interactive softies: apple, banana, carrot, duckling, egg, flower, grape, heart, igloo, jug, key, lemon, mushroom, nappy, orange, Pumpkin, queen, rabbit, strawberry, Tree, Umbrella, Van, Watermelon, Xylophone, Yoyo, Zip.
. All softies filled with polyester stuffing. All are able to be laundered. Handwash only.
. Each one sewed on Touch Fastener. No Glue, No Adhesive & No Toxins. In compliance with EN71 part 1,2,3.
. Approximately 155G Wall Chart which can easily hang with hook. Suitable for Kid's room, Classroom, Nursery Room, pediatrician's room.
. Can be used as decorations on wall when not in play
. Suitable for aged 2-6 years. However the material shall be use according to kids' individual learning pace.
. Its fabric made texture encourage children's sense of touch
. The bright colours capture children's attention and stimulate their visions
. The wall hanging is made from children friendly materials - Fabric

***** What can your child learn from this wall Chart? *****

. Learn the sequence of 26 letters of the alphabet in Capital and small letter
. Learn the 26 objects: (A)apple, (B)banana etc..

***** Advance learning : *****

. What are the non-vowels for ‘Apple’?
. What are the consonants for the word 'apple'?
. What other items start with the alphabet ‘m’? Eg: ‘Monkey’

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***** Important notes from us *****

Please note that while this wall chart is appropriate for children of aged two and above, supervision is recommended as smaller pieces could be a choking hazard.