Counting Number Wall Chart, Counting Wall Chart,Counting Board, Learning Number Concept

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***** What is in the box? *****

. A Wall chart with measurement 60cm x 40cm printed with numeric number 1-10.
. Total of Handmade 55 pcs of Beautiful felt and embroidery 2D interactive softies: 1x window, 2x pineapples, 3x apples, 4x strawberry, 5x bananas, 6x cherries, 7x ice-cream, 8x hearts, 9x flowers, 10x trees.
. All softies filled with polyester stuffing. All are able to be laundered. Handwash only.
. Each one sewed on Touch Fastener. No Glue, No Adhesive & No Toxins. In compliance with EN71 part 1,2,3.
. Approxiamately 160G Wall Chart which can easily hang with hook.
. Can be used as decorations on wall when not in play. Suitable for Kid's room, Classroom, Nursery Room, pediatrician's room.
. Suitable for aged 2-6 years. However the material shall be use according to kids' individual learning pace.
. Its fabric made texture encourage children's sense of touch
. The bright colours capture children's attention and stimulate their vision
. The wall hanging is made from children friendly materials - Fabric

***** What can your child learn from this wall Chart? *****

. Learning the number sequence from 1-10
. Learn to recognize the numbers
. Learn to write the number in sequence from 1-10
. Learn to write the numbers in numerate and words
. Learn to distinguish between large and small numbers

***** Advance learning :*****

. How much is 3+2? (addition)
. How much is 2+4-4? (mix calculation)
. I ate 2 strawberries and 3 bananas, how many fruits have I eaten? (problem solving skills)
. How to count with multiplication and subtraction?

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***** Important notes from us *****

Please note that while this wall chart is appropriate for children of aged two and above, supervision is recommended as smaller pieces could be a choking hazard.